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Qualtrics Transition

The Division of Student Affairs has made the decision to terminate its contract with Anthology Baseline (formerly known as Campus Labs) and transition to Qualtrics, a university supported survey platform. Our contract will terminate with Anthology Baseline on June 30, 2024 which means after that date, we will no longer have access to Baseline

Qualtrics has many capabilities that Baseline does not offer and we feel confident that with the many benefits that Qualtrics has to offer, this is the best decision for the division. To ensure that this transition is as seamless and easy as possible, we have created this webpage to provide you resources on how to export your survey data and outlines from Baseline. At the bottom of this webpage you will find links to training videos and instructions on how to download survey data and export survey outlines from Baseline. 

Additionally, we have many scheduled opportunities for you to meet one-on-one with me as well as register for either in-person or virtual workshops on how to export survey data and on how to download survey outlines from Baseline. These opportunities will run from the end of May through June 2024 and you can register for them here.  

We’re also in the process of learning everything we can about Qualtrics. In July 2024, we will offer training on the following Qualtrics topics: creating surveys, creating survey reports, sharing surveys, exporting data, and analysis capabilities, and we will also coordinate with Mark Manning to provide training on how to use Niner Engage for surveys. 

If you have experience with Qualtrics, feel free to begin transitioning your Baseline surveys into Qualtrics. To access your Qualtrics account, go to Feel free to review OneIT's FAQs on how to log into Qualtrics. If you are experiencing any issues, you will need to submit a help ticket to the Office of OneIT. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to

Exporting Data from Baseline
May 16 Assessment Council Meeting